If you are a basketball player that is one of the best on your school team or you want to become the best, BBR is the program for you. The staff at BBR have booked a basketball court in the GTA for you to come and work on your game under professional players and ex-student athletes of the NCAA. This is not a “leisurely” 2-3 hours in the gym so please be mindful of that! If you REALLY want to be the best you will find it challenging. This is a basketball specifics training to warm up then PLENTY of skill developing; OPERATING AT A HIGH LEVEL: specializing in ball handling under pressure, passing efficiently, being strong with the ball under pressure, pivoting properly, proper professional foot work, shooting, and moving without the ball. BBR also spends a lot of time on individual defensive, sliding and foot work. This is for the individual players that want to become elite with or without the ball, on offence or defence. Nonetheless, if you are not being taught how to aggressively get yourself and others open and maximize your confidence when the ball is given to you then you are being done a dis- service. This skills development is for all ages, and will be placed within their age group, as well as organized according to skill level. One feature BBR is proud to offer is not having a crowded gym where athletes aren’t able to develop/workout properly, BBR has a maximum number of athletes in each session which makes it easier for the staff to work individually one on one and provide more feedback.
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