Here are a few professional basketball players that Parkers has been able to work with; play with; attend camp sessions/showcases to help organize, or speak to athletes about a motivation. They are here to help mentor anybody featured on the Big Time Basketball Report or attending sessions.
They will also be working camps in the summer, make appearances, and play in the elite pickup games during the summers to stay in shape themselves whenever their busy schedules allow them to.

Anthony Ottley jr
Windsor ExpressNBLC (Canada)
Patrick Onwenu
Team Fog NaestvedDenmark
Tre Burnette
Sioux falls sky forceNBA G- league
Jeff Amazan
Bayi RocketsCBA (China)
Reggie "Mr Int"l" Okosa
Alab PilipinasPhilippines
Jerome Hill
Puente AltoChile
Decorey Jones
Iwate bullsJapan
Jonothan Dogbo
Mo Bolden
London LightningNBLC (Canada)