Bigtime Basketball Report

“Big Time Basketball Report” is an NCAA certified recruiting service based out of Toronto, that provides a weekly player skill development program. The staff at BBR (Big Time Basketball Report) are all currently on athletic scholarships or playing professionally; along with former student athletes and pros. One great thing about this new movement is that when Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, summer break, etc. comes around our venue will be the main outlet in southern Ontario for current student athletes and pros. Athletes will be able to come work on their game, stay in shape, and play quality pick up games amongst each other instead of going to the local recreation centre, where theres a greater risk of getting injured playing with friends who are wanting to break your ankles. Our greatest purpose is to allocate main event showcases for NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA and Canadian Post-secondary basketball coaches. Coaches/Scouts will be welcome to discover top notch talent from all over North America and get a firsthand glance at hot commodity Canadians, under the radar Americans, and the “next BIG thing” Africans at Big Time Basketball!

About the Founder

Camar Parkes graduated High School at Redemption Christian Academy in Troy NY (Albany New York region) where he was team Captain.
Parkes played AAU for CIA Bounce and Team Georgia Elite. Anybody that knows Camar knows he has an absolute basketball Jones and is very passionate about the game. He is a former NJCAA All American honourable mention that attended Highland CC in Illinois (13ppg 4apg 3rpg 2spg) and Burlington CC in southern New Jersey (17.8ppg 7apg 5rpg 2spg).
After his sophomore year the 6’3 Guard made a verbal commitment to West Texas A&M a D2 in Canyon Texas, unfortunately the athletic director fired the entire basketball staff close to Parkes signing date in late August (2014). “I was heartbroken, I couldn’t find another school to attend on a scholarship with such short notice. School was starting in 5 weeks and I didn’t want to walk on anywhere or play back home because they weren’t giving out full rides. Eventually he went to a Canada West school but the passion and intensity just wasn’t there. Parkes is a big advocate of “go where you will play” and wants every recruit coming up now to know that yes indeed you can play professionally coming out of an NCAA D2, NAIA or CIS (usports).

While in Atlanta Georgia, Parkes was told daily by his AAU coach Linzy Davis that he loved Camar’s personality and that he had a rare ability to evaluate talent/personalities at a high level for his age; he always told Camar he could be a NBA scout or GM one day. Those suggestions always went through one ear and out the other to the seventeen year old. Nonetheless during his Prep and Juco years he often helped complete his own team and other team’s rosters with bigs usually from Africa. He has already helped send friends who he thought could play to prep schools in New England and Georgia. “I really do love the game, I want to be around it forever I want to prove to myself I was right about my passion for the game which might have cost me a more prosperous playing career”. To this day Camar still helps African kids come to America to play prep basketball in southern states and continues to keep his relationships with all the coaches he has met on his long and interesting journey. Coach P loves kids who love the game; he has decided to make it his life mission to help as many kids as he can to get better and obtain athletic/ academic scholarships.
Camar Parkes will be 27 this coming February 2019, and is a Toronto native and resident.